Banierstraat 62

since: 2014
usage: work
units: 3 workshops (3 to 4 users); 1 commons room (5-25 users); 1 commons in the public space (allotment garden De Schout), about 5 – 8 users
surface: approx. approx. 228 m2 (plus outdoor area)

Studio with auctioneer in the attic Banierstraat

A cannabis plantation was housed in this building in the not too distant past, making the interior completely unusable for habitation. It has been renovated – from basement to attic – in a very basic way and has now been given a second life as a workspace for visual artists. The ground floor is furnished for shared use. What is also special is that the gate of the garden can be ‘folded open’, making it part of Schout Heijnrichplein in one fell swoop. A green wall has been installed on the sidewall of the building.