De Stokerij (“Stoking House”)

  • use: space for meetings, workshops, performances
  • surface: approx. 60m2 (two parts; front and back)
  • facilities: flat floor 50m2+10m2, projection options, kitchenette, basic furniture incl. 20 cinema seats
  • fixed reservation: Monday evening (Neverland Cinema)
  • location: Pieter de Raadtstraat 35, 3035AB, Rotterdam

De Stokerij is the stage of Stad in de Maak. A rediscovered gem, with deep traces of production and urban communities, with ingrained worries, reflection and an untempered urge to pick up the gauntlet again from this raw space.

What once started as a small factory for soap powder (soap seeder B. van Blankensteyn, in 1902) and then provided the neighborhood with warm water for decades as a water distillery, now makes room for a period of 10 years. Space for discussion, reflection on how we as urban dwellers can take on the production of the city, space for workshops, lectures & stories, film screenings, and everything that can be of help or inspiration.

The 60 m2 space is designed for flexible use; a large industrial shelving unit offers space for a compact field kitchen and everything else that needs to be temporarily removed. The facade can (again) be fully opened now that the double doors have been replaced by new ones. And in the storage cellar there is room for the smallest cinema in Rotterdam.

De Stokerij started without a budget. Every event is therefore a welcome opportunity to add something to the usability of the space: a new piece of floor, donation of furniture, the much-needed railing, a lick of paint or the outside terrace!