Since the start in 2014, a  modest but progressively growinging pool of disused buildings have been opened up and made suitable for – affordable, sustainable – forms of living an/or working. In each of the buildings a “commons” space is being opened. Read under this menu more about the activities in the buildings.

  • pieterderaadtPieter de Raadtstraat 35 & 37 (2014, ca. 440m2, plus opslag) – City in the Making started off in this “twin” building. In the former soap factory and water-stoking facility a workshop has been realised, while part of the space is designated for debate and exchange (“Stoking house”). The upper floors host work and living spaces.


  • bloklandBloklandstraat 190 (2015, ca. 186 m2) – This building functioned until recently as “try-out” housing for formerly homeless. Now is has been converted for a period of minimally three years into housing with a joint workspace / shop on the ground floor.


  • banierBanierstraat 62 (2014, ca. 228 m2) – This building has been used as a marihuana plantage, as a result of which the interior has been destructed and rendered unusable for housing. It has been very basically reconditioned and given a second life as workspace for artists.


  • zwaanshalsZwaanshals 288 B (2016, ca. 208 m2) – The two upper floors and attick will be the site for experimentation with a “time-shared” commons; i.e. the space will be available to the community of City in the Making for 1/3 of the time, while it will be at disposal of the principal occupants for the remainder 2/3 of the time.


  • Zegwaardstraat 9 (2017, ca. 120 m2) – This building is for the time being outfitted to be used as apartment.