Pension Almonde

From December 2019 to April 2021 Pension Almonde (“Boarding House Almonde”) was a temporary home for modern city nomads, adventurous pensioners and orphaned neighborhood initiatives. An experiment for the city of the future in 53 demolished houses in the Almondestraat in Rotterdam-North.

Photo: Frank Hanswijk

Pension Almonde is located in ZoHo, a redevelopment area in the Agniesebuurt near the center of Rotterdam. The street consists of social rental housing from the Havensteder housing corporation. Due to foundation problems, the houses in the Almondestraat are being demolished. A project developer has bought the land with the plan to build new homes. While the original inhabitants of the street slowly moved to their new homes, the temporary guests of the Pension in the street.

In the pension, students, Rotterdammers in divorce, families who needed a temporary place due to renovation, migrants, ICT workers with a project for 3 days a week in Rotterdam, artists, seasonal workers, and free spirits who do not want to spent large part of their income on rent for a maximum of 6 months.

Until shortly before the demolition, the experiment developed while the stories of old and newcomers were documented.

The project can be seen at:


A total of 13 commons have been realized in the Almondestraat as part of Pension Almonde, 4 of which are managed collectively.

The living room (no. 157) is the heart of Pension Almonde. Local residents and newcomers can come here for questions and ideas. You can always use the kitchen and the wifi. There is also a central washing facility for guest house guests and local residents in an old-fashioned cupboard. Every Tuesday there is open walk-in and free soup from 6 p.m.

There is a copy shop (no. 171) where you can print and copy for a small fee or for free. It is a collective of anonymous artists who, among other things, publish publications and set up performances.

The Blank Space (no. 187) is empty, but that makes everything possible. If you want to organize an activity, you can rent the space. Think of workshops, ceremonies, coaching, music, creative activities, exhibitions or other forms of being (together). The only condition: Leave the room as you found it.

And finally the reception of Pension Almonde, the neighborhood pension that meets the need for a temporary home for tourists, artists, professionals and day trippers.