Pioneersmeent De Stokerij

With Pioniersmeent De Stokerij, a continuous making, presentation, training, learning and exchange place was set up in the period June 2016 – July 2017 with the aim of acquiring knowledge in order to create innovative, robust and sustainable networks around living and to come to work. De Stokerij (“stoking house”) has focused on three themes that are crucial for the future development of City in the Making: (micro-) economy, commons and (social) interaction.

Participating artists have realized a thematic work in one or more common spaces of Stad in de Maak. These ‘communities’ are located on the ground floor: the interface between home (living and working) and street/city. In their projects and activities, the artists have activated these spaces for a shorter or longer period of time; they not only picked up on the interaction with the street, neighborhood and city, but also challenged Stad in de Maak to sharpen or shift its ambitions.

Guido Marsille – Wasbuur and Zeep Van Blankensteyn
Vloris Fisser – Vtv De Schout
Daan Den Houter –
Melle Smets and Iris Wielders – Trouble In The North
Monk – Future vision City In The Making
Carlijn Kingma – The Babylonian Tower Of Modernity
Collective 37b2 – Neverland Cinema
Hans Werlemann – Stoker Blues
Peter T Lang – Proof That Aliens Exist In Rotterdam
Niels Buwalda and Chris Onsman – The Browery
Phed Flip – Belly Builder/Wheelie Parade/Night Shop
Hajo Doorn – Street Opera
Bart Groenewegen – Bakkerij De Eenvoud
Marijke Brinkhof, Alex Wolkowicz and Jon Barraclough – Untouched

Parallel to the interventions of the artists and the reflection of the followers, three seminars/workshops have been organized. They not only focused on a number of fundamental questions about the (micro) economy, commons (‘commons’) and (social) interaction, but also explored future directions in which these themes can unfold their socially relevant potential.