ANA DŽOKIĆ / Politics of Space and Architecture in Belgrade

Listen to this podcast: The story of Ana Džokić ‘s (yes, one of the City in the Making founding members) journey from architecture school in Belgrade just before the Berlin Wall fell until now. She talks about the many changes Belgrade went through from the falling apart of former Yugoslavia until the ‘taking over’ of city development by Arab development moguls, with the crazy proposal for the Riverfront Development as an example. Other subjects include a critique of the Luchtsingel procedure and similar ‘bottom-up’ funding, their initiative for collective self-build housing in Belgrade and her PhD work on commons.

Use this link to the podcast.

First Social Practices presentation at Bloklandstraat


Since mid-September Social Practices students from the Willem de Kooning Art Academy Rotterdam use the City in the Making groundfloor space at Bloklandstraat 190 as a headquarters. For for the minor Cultural Diversity, they do a three months research into the cultural, social, economical and political structures of the Oude Noorden neighbourhood.
Last Thursday they had their first presentation on location. Interesting surveys into for instance cooking and foodpractices, sensory mappings and story-telling have been done to be used as a start to come up with possible interventions in the area.