Carpentry workshop

  • use: (carpentry) workshop
  • surface: approx. 42m2
  • facilities: wall sawing machine, work table, various tools and hand tools of main users
  • fixed reservation: during the working week, but use by appointment is possible
  • location: Pieter de Raadtstraat 37, 3035AB, Rotterdam

The Carpentry workshop is the most intensively used commons of City in the Making. That has everything to do with the fact that there is actually a woodworking company running here, where the chips are flying around throughout the working week. As a result, a good range of tools is available: from City in the Making’s own full-frame wall sawing machine, to the many tools of the regular users of the workshop. A full commons means that the space can only be shared with others in consultation, but there is usually a meow to adjust. Sometimes the Carpentry workshop is also used in double use with the adjacent Stokerij, so that special or larger events can be accommodated. On working days, the door is usually open to the curious.