Fieldtrip 02 – Verbeke Foundation – Community Landtrust and Josaphat Brussel

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Saturday 2nd July City in the Making went on the annual Fieldtrip to Belgium. We visited the magnificent Verbeke Foundation (great art in nature plus presentations of Theo Jansens Strandbeests and the work of Zoro Feigl), Community Landtrust projects and Josaphat commons, both in Brussel. As usual we prohibited selfies and took a few Groupies (group Photo’s)

The real Rotterdam

harbour2 This is Roy’s last week in the Netherlands, he is returning to China. As a farewell present we took him across the Rotterdam harbour area to the tip of Europort: Maasvlakte2.  Finally he has seen the real Rotterdam.
As usuall we took some group photo’s.
Above us inside the artwork ‘zandwacht’ (sand watch) by Observatorium.

Daan, our birdwhisperer


Daan, one of the artists working at Banierstraat, has an almost eerie way with birds. He seems to attract them despite his hairstyle or manner.
Above you see him with a young bird that came landing on his T-shirt (is it a wren (winterkoninkje) or a trush (lijster)?? Does anybody know?
Below he has a beautyfull robin (roodborstje) on his arm, that came flying in, and was in no hurry at all to leave.