Meet the Board

This picture of the four founding boardmembers of Stichting Stad in de Maak was taken in February 2014. Around that time we were working on the studio space of nr 35B and we had just signed the take-over with Havensteder.

Board Stad in de Maak
The Board from left to right: Ana Džokić, Erik Jutten, Marc Neelen, Piet Vollaard

Seven years later, while Marc and Ana were stuck in Belgrade due to Covid restrictions (present via Skype), we made a new board photo on the same spot. Daan den Houter (left) has been a board member since 2017.

left to right: Daan den Houter, Marc Neelen, Ana Džokić, Piet Vollaard, Erik Jutten (photo Frank Hanswijk)