Bakkerij De Eenvoud (‘Bakery Simplicity’ or ‘Common Bakery’), a neighbourhood bakery that is being built in the commons spaces of City in the Making, participates in De Burger Bepaald (The Citizen Decides). Inhabitants of Rotterdam Noord may divide 50.000 Euro’s among 65 local cultural initiatives, by online voting.

Bakkerij De Eenvoud will build a lime oven in De Stokerij commons, and together with neighbours and other bread enthusiasts bread will be made and stories and recipes will be exchanged. Learn to make your own bread from your neighbours and taste the warm bread we make for each other.
Last Wednesday 22nd the Bakery was kick-started. The first bread was baked and tasted. Together with City in the Making inhabitants and neighbours a special one-on-one model was made from dough and paper to test different positions of the oven within in the commons space at Pieter de Raadtstraat 35. Additional knowledge and flour was provided by windmill De Walvis in Schiedam.

Do you have experience with baking bread, or do you want to learn? Share your knowledge or your interest with us. Everybody is welcome.

Voting for Bakkerij De Eenvoud goes like this:
1) Go to (only in Dutch) and click on  the button ‘Aanmelden’.
2) Fill in your name, email and address (be sure to have an address and postcode in Rotterdam Noord), click on ‘Registreren’ and wait for an email to confirm. From the confirmation email link back to website, choose a personal password, and log in to the voting page.
3) Once logged in you can choose from three categories in the menu on the left. Bakkerij De Eenvoud – Stad in de Maak is in the categorie ‘Zelf Doen’ (Do it Yourself). Choose the image Bakerij de Eenvoud and click on the image (Stem / Gestemd – Vote / Voted).
After voting for Bakkerij De Eenvoud you can add eight more votes (max three for each of the three categories)